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IT Guru – the ultimate professionals in IT industry, a fast growing job portal, offers a specialized section “IT Guru” that is specifically dedicated to IT specific jobs and companies.   Since IT industry is growing by leaps and bounds, increasing number of jobs are being created in this sector in various categories and similarly, thousands of aspirants are looking forward to suitable jobs for them in this arena. Hence, to justify this requirement and make it convenient for the aspirants and potential employers meet at a common ground, we have devised this unique feature.

IT Zone at offers this opportunity to potential employers to enter this zone where they can put on view their company’s profile among the list of eminent IT companies. Availing this service, employers can opt to put their micro website at our portal. This micro website will help the employers attract real talent for their company when they want to fill their vacancies by hiring skilled and experienced candidates.  While on the main page, we will put on display the company’s logo, the micro website will carry all the relevant and important information about the company such as their profile,  details of positions to be filled, candidate’s skill set required, FAQs, HR details and other information that makes it easy for a candidate to access the details and apply for the job.
Being a member of this IT zone, companies can be the part of the league of reputed IT companies in India as has already several eminent companies in its list. In addition, after entering the elite IT zone, IT companies can quickly hire the talented candidates from a pool of thousands of aspirants. It helps companies to save money and time spent on acquiring valuable human resources. In addition, faster recruitments also help cut unnecessary expenses and also add to the profit of the companies that is expected from the working of these candidates.

Reserving your space at our portal is as easy as calling our dedicated executives as they will immediately explain you the functionalities and benefits of this zone to suit your needs.

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